Harry Winston The King of Diamonds

The name Harry Winston is very familiar to jet set jewelry enthusiasts. He is one of the most prominent diamond jewelry moguls in the history of world fashion.

Harry Winston, who passed away at the age of 82 on December 28, 1978, was known for his diligence in the diamond world, as well as his skill in transforming raw natural stones into glamorous and classy jewelry.

The man who was dubbed the King of Diamonds was immortalized in one of his most famous songs, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, sung by Marilyn Monroe. “Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it!”

Through Harry Winston Inc. the fashion world still feels his legacy. The Harry Winston comes to life with Diamond Loop, one of the new sets that still retains Winston’s signature.

This diamond jewelry collection brings back Harry’s design signature into a contemporary style. As a result, despite the traditional touches, this set of luxury accessories remains relevant to today’s trends.

Diamond Loop features a range of jewels using pear-shaped diamonds, which is Harry’s favorite diamond format. This silhouette has also characterized the House of Winston’s jewelry designs since 1932.

The pear-cut diamonds are evident in each jewelry set in the complete collection, which comprises necklaces, bracelets, studs and rings. All are hand-assembled from high-quality platinum and diamonds.

Harry Winston’s image as a renowned jewelry company is reflected in the precise details of each diamond ornament and the curves of the platinum that are key elements of the collection.

According to Harry Winston, the graceful pear cut diamond inspired the design of the Diamond Loop collection. All the jewelry in this collection is feminine due to the use of the brand’s signature teardrop pattern.

The collection, which was first launched in 2014, can be considered by those who are looking for timeless and elegant jewelry sets, or those who are looking for inspiration for a special gift for someone very special.

This is because diamonds are the perfect asset to keep and use for the long term. Evidently, the oldest diamonds found are 75% the age of the earth, which is one of the reasons why diamonds deserve to be associated with the symbol of romance.

Not only that, of all the cutting diamonds known in the fashion world, the pear cut is known to be the most romantic. Its teardrop shape combined with an oval shape makes it elegant and timeless as fashion trends change.

There are many pear diamond designs to choose from in this collection. They range from those that resemble the shape of a clover leaf, to those that take the form of a simple but graceful arch. All are framed in platinum, which is known to be stronger than white gold.





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